Android Module and 3rd Party Jars

Hi all,

I am trialing Intellij for android development and have encountered an issue. I am using a 3rd party jar and have put it in the libs folder. I then point the module libraries at this folder. In intellij the lib is picked up and I can use the classes in my activity, however when I deploy to the phone I discover that the jar has not been included in the apk and I get a class not found error the first time I try tio use anything from the jar.

How do I fix this - I am new to Intellij, and so wonder what the recommended practice for using 3rd party jars at code and deploy time is.

Thanks for any help


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So does anubody use 3rd party libraries for Android development? If so , how?

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"libs" folder is for NATIVE libraries, so you don't have to put jars there, they can be located in any place. You just have to add module dependency on these jars, dependency must have a COMPILE scope. What version of IDEA do you use?


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