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I am struggling with Subversion Branches.  I am using IntelliJ 9.0.3 and subversion 1.6.  The problem I am having with when Iopen a project I just checked out, The following message displays in the dialogwhen trying to Configure Branches: "Trunk location must be under repository root". See screen shot below (sorry had to "black-out" actual location).  I've tried all kinds of different locations to get around this message. Can anyone help?  I've looked at the SVN documentation as well as the help in IntelliJ and everything is too generic for me to get a good grasp on what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks in advance!

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Ok, turns out there was just a fool running the keyboard. The fix to this is simple.  I feel quite foolish for not catching this sooner.  To make a long story short, the line

<option name="trunkUrl" value="svn://computerName/svnFolder"/>

of the .ipr file was not correct.  I noticed this once I realized I could modify the value in the "Trunk location:" field.  Because the "trunkUrl" attribute of the .ipr was wrong - the ellipse button next to the "Trunk location:" field in the dialog was disabled.  This was deceiving to me because it caused me to think the input field was read only.  Simply fix the URL in the "Trunk location:" field, and the ellipse button becomes enabled.


An unfortunate time killer for me, but another valuable lesson to "try the obvious" before going into a hard debugging mode is always worth while.


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