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What's the status on filing new bugs for Irida? The tracker is going to move and the current EAP is intensely annoying in many areas (editing compiler properties on a clean install blows up, random hangs on startup showing 'searching for TODO's', creating EJB modules blows up, editing xml files throws up random exceptions). However, for the issues that create exceptions, the automatic reporter seems to be of little use (I've filed a bug against the first EAP that still happens in the latest build, regarding editing template project compiler properties on a clean install).

So the question is, does a manually entered issue have a better chance of being addressed? Is the 'noise' of autogenerated exceptions too much, thus resulting in potentially important bugs being lost in the noise?

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When processing autogenerating exceptions we give a higher priority to
those reported against sooner (latest?) EAP. Thus exceptions you've
reported against first EAP might be lost indeed if you won't report them

Of course this is not the case when processing issues entered manually.
Though a little pin ('this is still a problem in latest build' comment)
usually helps a developer to stand the issue from the croud.

And again, we're moving soon so please don't forget to vote.

Maxim Shafirov
JetBrains Inc.
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