TODO filtering

I have the standard patterns defined (todo, fixme and note). I thought
that the filtering would allow you to pick one or more of these and
filter based on the existence of some text. An example is I only want
the todo, fixme and notes that have "most wanted commented out for
release 19.3) to be displayed. In order to do this, I had to create a
copy of the todo, fixme and note patterns with the filtered text added,
then create a pattern that included all of them. This is kind of a pain.

Does it make sense for the filter to display a dialog where you pick the
applicable pattern(s), then fill in a box for the text that has to be
displayed after the pattern? In this case, I would select the todo,
fixme and note patterns and the additional text to match on would be
something like "most wanted commented out".

This would fine the following in a .js file:
// note most wanted functionality commented out

This would also find the following in a .jsp file:
<%todo most wanted functionality commented out%>

Does this make sense? Does anyone even use the filters?

Norris Shelton
Sun Certified Java Programmer

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