Cache woes developing in AS3

Hey Guys,

I've been evaluating IntelliJ for a smallish Flash firm I work for and at the moment I'm hitting a fair big wall

I'm using the OSX version and whenever I build I am seem to be getting no recent changes added to my SWF's , to force the changes I need to build using the command line then go back to IntelliJ to re-output

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


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First of all please make sure that 'Use IDE builder' is selected at Flex Compiler Settings (File | Project Strusture | Modules | <your module> | Flex Compiler Settings tab)
Second is to make sure that 'Make before run' is checked at Flex Run Configuration.

To give you better advices I'd ask you to provide more information about your project structure and attach screenshots of Flex Compiler Settings, Flex Run Configuration and content of Messages tool window with compilation result (use 'Export to Text File' action to copy/paste from there).

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G'day Folks,

After a bit of frustration I downloaded another version of Flex SDK and deleted my old one , it seems to have solved the problem

I am currently evaluating IntelliJ to see if it's a viable platform for my work

I will be harrasing you guys alot more in the next few weeks ;)

- Simon


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