About the libraries and their paths

Hi , coming from  flashDevelop / Flash Builder , I've wanted to give IntelliJ a try ,  and I'm confused about some things.

I've set up a "Global Library" which is connected to a swc file , via "attach classes" button , and I expect to have a code completion for it when I create a new flex module/project.
But nothing happens , no code completion , and of course I get error on compile time.

Am I doing something wrong here, this is not the right workflow?

I'f I'm using a bunch of 3rd party libraries in my daily workflow , and they are all contained in folder (then nested folders representing package paths) on my drive, I expect to point out to that folder, and everything will work as planed.

Don't tell me that for every new project I need to connect all those libraries again?

- Or am I'm missing something that is right in front of me , and the solution is very simple :)



Defining a library does not make it a dependency of any module of any project, that is a seprate operation. Once your libraries are defined, select the module that needs to use them, view the Dependencies tab and click the Add... button to add each of those libraries as module dependencies. Now, when editing code in those modules, the full complement of analytic and synthetic operations will be available.

Randall Schulz


So , if I understood you correctly , "Global libraries" purpose is just to store convenient references to various libraries, and I have to connect the to the module via dependencies tab every time?


Yes. But "every time" is once per module definition or once when it first becomes a dependency of an existing module.

Surely you don't think that's excessive? How else could it work? If there were not a separate concept of library definitions, then you'd be defining them repeatedly in every module that used them, and it's virtually always a lot more work to define a library than it is to make it a module dependency.

Randall Schulz


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