include file/folder to CLASSPATH

I have a folder with a set of configuration files.

the instruction to run a program says that i need to copy them to the CLASSPATH.

i am using the IntellJ IDE to compile and run the program.  Is there a way to point to(configure) the IDE to include the particular folder so that it automatically include all the files in the folder

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Hi Dhananjeyan,

You can configure that directory as a module source root if it's a part of your project or as a module dependency.

Regards, Denis

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it works however i need to clarify one more thing

the problem got sorted out when i did both the below said methods

a) Module -> dependencies - >Add -> pointed to the folder
b) libraries -> attach classes -> pointed to the folder

now what i need to know is the difference and which one is the correct way of solving it?

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Both methods you mention deal with module dependencies. I.e. you just added external folder as a dependency for your module.


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