Flex Tag Error

Hi guys,
i had a problem with the flex-tags in pure actionscript projects.
The simple workflow with the embed-tag crashes the project.

Here are some example lines:
Case (a)

[Embed("cassini.pbj", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
public static var Cassini:Class;

Case (b)

[Embed(source = 'Image.jpg')]
public static var Image:Class;

Both cases don't work and the result is blank project with no warnings and errors.
Solutions are welcome...
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We haven't faced problems with ActionScript metadata (that is what you called 'tags') before. What is your OS and IDEA version? Please look at IDEA logs or attach them here (logs are stored in <idea.system.path>/log folder, <idea.system.path> property is set in the file <IDEA installation>/bin/idea.properties). And please clarify what you call 'crash' and 'blank project' and why do you think it is related to ActionScript metadata.


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