keyboard shortcut to navigate from Debugger to Deployment output tab

It seems that i cant focus to the debugger tab in order for the predefined Alt + -> to work. If anybody has found  a way to do it, give me a hint.

Thanks in advance.

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ctrl+tab :)

also you can bind Deployment tab to some key
alt+5 will open debugger
alt+(smth) will open deployment

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Thank you for your answer.

Your suggestions do not work for me :(.
Ctrl tab only features the tool windows such as the Debug or Run(ie all those inside Window->tool windows), and not the tabs inside them.
Also in the assign shortcut form, i cannot find the Deployment tab to assign a key for it.

Thanks again...

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i didn't get what it is 'deployment tab'
it is tab inside debugger panel?
then you could use "alt+arrows"

so it will be two keys: "alt+5" plus "alt+left"

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When i debug a webapp in tomcat, a couple of tabs are created next to the  Debugger tab (inside the Debug window), one is the Deployment | Output tab  and another one the Tomcat log.

That's exactly the problem, the alt+arrows shortcuts don't work there,when they should (if you right click on them, you can view the shortcuts). I guess it's a detail the team missed. Anyway they have done a great job with the keyboard support, im very satisfied. This is the only place i cannot reach with the keyboard.

Thank you for your responses.


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