JUnit hangs !!

oh my, this took me a couple of hours! :(

IDEA, build #2250 hangs in a log.debug Statement (within my app) when JUnit Test is run.

when run via main method it works:
public static void main(String[]
Test test = new MyTest();
test.testMethbod(); //this works without problems!


Do you have any possible explanation why it could
block in the log.debug ?!
The problem is 100% repro, so please let me know
if I can send you some debug output.

Best regards,

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I should add that I'm using log4j.
the log.debug happened from a separate thread,
so I suspect some kind of deadlock in FileOutputStream.writeBytes

The problem is a major annoyance for me,
would someone from Jetbrains care to answer please ?


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