Import FlexBuilder Projects when Linked Resources exist in .actionScriptProperties/.flexLibProperties

I recently joined a new team and they are extremely tightly coupled to FlexBuilder. I have tried a few times to import projects into IntelliJ and I think the major reason it isn't working is because their build is setup to use a variable ${DOCUMENTS} to point to swc files in ${DOCUMENTS}/lib/ and also to reference the location of their source code so it doesn't have to live in Eclipse workspaces.

I don't have the freedom to modify these sorts of things and getting these guys to try Intellij would require an ability to define the ${DOCUMENTS} variable so all the paths would work in the modules after an import. I have to assume IntelliJ has a feature similar to this - does anyone know how to use it?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Adam!
IDEA has Path Variables that are configured at File | Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S) | Path Variables.
Unfortunately IDEA currently doesn't import path variables when importing Flex/Flash Builder projects, but you can try to configure IDEA project manually. Respective issue exists, so you can vote for it and I will fix it soon

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Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding Flex project configuration in IDEA. Feedback is always welcome in our forum and issue tracker.

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Just posted some thoughts here:

I would love to see some support for this issue as it is definitely a blocker for these guys on my team (and myself considering they are not allocating me time to make intellij work for their project).

I do think they could benefit from a lot of IntelliJ's features like code generation/formatting/refactoring in ActionScript but unfortunately they are just too busy to work through these issues to see the benefits.

Thanks for the response - I will see if I can spend a bit of time manually configuring a few of these projects.


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