task management (esp. with Redmine)

The latest IntelliJ IDEA X EAP (96.1020) seems to have support for Redmine. In Settings|Taks|Servers I configured my redmine server, the "Test" succeeds. But when using 'Open Taks' (Alt+Shift+N) I could not retrieve any issues available on the Redmine server.
How is the 'Open task' intended to work? What do you have to enter in the text line to perform a search on the server?
I have no idea how to track down this problem. Any hints? Anyone succeeded to work with redmine as task source?

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Stefan, you should enter part of the issue name inside search field. In case it doesn't work, please file an issue with your idea.log attached

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Dennis, thanks for your answer. I tried this in multiple variants:
* using the numerical id of the issue, e.g. 37
* using the project identfier plus numerical issue id, e.g. BE-37 (where "BE" is the project identifier)
* using some substring of an existing issue, e.g. "Spring"

None of these seems to trigger a search in redmine, idea.log does not receive any messages or errors for that, nor does stderr.

When trying the same in a different project using Jira it seems to work. When e.g. entering FO-577 and pressing Enter in the open task dialog, an new changelist with the title of the jira ticket appears. idea.log gets appended by:

2010-09-07 12:49:29,415 [ 494149]   INFO - llij.tasks.jira.JiraRepository - JIRA: 50 issues found
2010-09-07 12:49:33,887 [ 498621]   INFO - llij.tasks.jira.JiraRepository - JIRA: 1 issues found
2010-09-07 12:49:34,155 [ 498889]   INFO - llij.tasks.jira.JiraRepository - JIRA: 1 issues found
2010-09-07 12:49:34,252 [ 498986]   INFO - llij.tasks.jira.JiraRepository - JIRA: 1 issues found

But in the "Open task" dialog I never saw the drop-down list visible in http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/05/task-context-management-in-maia/. I'm on Ubuntu 64bit.

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Try to invoke completion (Ctrl-Space).

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woot, that solved it. Thanks a lot!


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