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Hi everybody,
I created Web module, I have one jsp page in resources directory and one class. It is very simple page. I just read value from my class and display it on the jsp page. I proceeded "Make myModule" and wanted to see the results in browser on this address http://localhost:8080/myModule/index.jsp, but I got error "Page not found". It looks like Tomcat is not running or there is no information about this module in Tomcat. (Probably in server.xml) In Eclipse the IDE automaticaly adds project(module) settings to server.xml Any idea where is the problem in IDEA? Thanks for your help.

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I want to more specify my problem, I just found, that I did not specify Run/Debug configuration, so Application server was not filled in. Now I get another error. When I run module I got error meassage "Cannot find configuration of 'jsp' built-in servlet in D:\work\system\tomcat_Local Tomcat_d8dcd245\web.xml but I have this file created in D:\work\system\tomcat_Local Tomcat_d8dcd245\conf\web.xml Why the web.xml file is generated in .../conf/web.xml and expected to be in .../web.xml ?


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