Deployment fails after version bump


I have a Maven web project which I'm used to deploy on a local JBoss in order to test it. I recently switched to IDEA 9 from 8 and I noticed the deployment configuration has changed slightly in the new IDE. I managed to make things run fine, though. I recently made a release of the project and as a result the version of the working copy was bumped from 1.2-SNAPSHOT to 1.3-SNAPSHOT. Now when I try to run it on my local server I get a DeploymentException stating "my-project-1.2-SNAPSHOT.war could not be opened, does it exist?" In IDEA 8 I could go into the deployment configuration and simply point to the new war file, but I have no idea of how to do it with the new artifact thing. I'm sure this is really easy but I'd appreciate any help.


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