Small intenationalization bug in GUI designer


I've noticed a rather weird problem. I use the resource bundle internationalization support that's part of the GUI designer and I've noticed that some components like JTabbedPanes (and some others that I'm not recalling right now, but I have noticed) don't get read as properties like the rest of the values. What I mean is this: you specify a bundle along with a key and the value gets read dynamically from properties file, right? Well, this just doesn't happen for a part of the standard Swing components. The values get hard-coded in the code itself, rather than being read from the bundle each time the app loads, meaning that you oughtta recompile each time you want to change something. Besides... if you have text in another language, guess what happenes, if its hardcoded as non-escaped characters...

Thanks for reading, I hope you get to fix it,
Best regards,



Thanks for reading, I hope you get to fix it,

Please file the SCR.

Best regards,
Eugene Zhuravlev
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JetBrains Inc.
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What do you mean,,,>
I posted it in the tracker. SCR?


Software Correction Request. That's a bug report in the tracker.


Dirk Dittert


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