Regular expression question

I know this isn't an EAP question, but can't seem to
figure this out. Within IDEA, how would I do a
regex "search and replace" to change the case of a
letter? I've used the S&R dialog with regex checked,
and for example, specified "[a-z]" as the search
pattern, but I haven't been able to figure out the
replacement pattern to uppercase any matches.

I notice that this isn't supported as a replacement
pattern in java.util.regex. Is this supported in IDEA?
If so, what would the replacement pattern be? I've
tried "\u$0", "
u$0", etc., etc., etc.

Any help would be appreciated.



IDEA supports only whatever java.util.regex supports. Unfortunately, it looks like there's no easy way to do what you want.


You could do this in two steps (actually 27 steps). First search for the
lowercase letters and replace each one with some unusual pattern like:
Search: ()
Replace: **$1**
Then for each letter, replace **a** with **A**, etc.
Of course, this is tedious, which is why Perl and Ruby would be better
choices to do this kind of thing. But sometimes this technique can be a
useful trick.

Rob Harwood
Software Developer
JetBrains Inc.
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You sure have some creativity ;)


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