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Total IDEA newbie here...

I just grabbed the most recent Community Edition build and pointed IDEA at my SVN URL at Beanstalk. It never prompted me anywhere for a Beanstalk user name / password.

If I try to access anything, for example 'Browse Subversion Repository', I get the error, 'svn: connection refused by server'. This seems correct since I never told IDEA my Beanstalk credentials.

But it does not seem correct that it never prompts for those credentials, nor can I find anywhere in the UI for this information... any ideas?

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1 Please check that you can, for instance, "svn log <URL>" with native or any other client, for URL that you use.

2 If 1 is OK, please also check that you don't use proxy (I suppose you don't need to) - Settings | Version Control | VCSs | Subversion | "Use IDEA general proxy as default for Subversion" (off)


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