Shift-esc functionality

Okay, let me try to explain this situation.

1. Open your project.
2. Open the 'Project' side view (alt-1)
3. Open a test class from there. (navigate and press enter)
4. Go to the editor. (esc)
5. Run the tests. (shift-f10)
6. The "Run" window will pop-up showing results, but you will still be in the editor.
7. Close the previous window (shift-esc)

Step 7 will close the "Project" side view.  I understand this is because the previous 'focused' window is still the  'Project' view since the 'Run' view isn't automatically focused.  Way back when I'm fairly sure it used to close the "Run" view, because using shift-esc for this is ingrained in me.  

Is there any setting I can change to make this work the old way?  I'd be okay with the "Run" window being automatically focused when I did step 5, perhaps there is a setting for that?

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