Classes in a package are not visible to other packages in the same module

I have a module that is behaving very weird. Classes in a package are not visible to other packages in the same module. I am forced to add the module's jar file to be able to make them visible (yes, I have to compile the module, and add itself to its dependencies so it can 'see' its own classes). Even IDEA asks me if I want to add the module's own compiled jar as a solution to the unknow classes.
Furthermore, I dont't get the option to add new Java classes to a package on src/java. When right-click -> New, I only get "File" and "Package" options where the "Java Class" should be.

Has anybody have this problem before or knows what is going on?


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Hi Andres,

Looks like you didn't configure source roots for your module.

Regards, Denis

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Thanks Denis, I do have source roots configured (always had).

Here is a screenshot:
Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 7.35.14 AM.png

I believe this behavior started when I was doing remote debugging to a running JVM. After setting a break point IDEA notified me that it did not have the sources, I proceeded to 'Attach Sources', it was after that that things broke and classes in a package were not visible anymore to other packages in that same module. I was forced to add the module's own compiled jar on its own dependencies. As I mentioned before, another side-effect is that I can no longer create Java classes in the 'java' source folder, but I can in the 'test' source folder:

Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 7.51.26 AM.png
Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 7.50.42 AM.png
Any help is greatly appreciated as I am jumping through hoops to develop in this module, adding a class or methods to a class is very cumbersome as I have to compile the project with any change so the change is visible to other packages in the module.


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I solved the problem. What I had to do was delete the .iml and .eml in the module's root and delete the .idea folder in the project's root. After that I created the project once more and everything worked fine again.


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