Where is the JSDK in Linux

Hi..I'm use Rubymine for a time, but I decided try Intellij Idea  because look very interesting,RM is a wonderfull IDE but I need begin a project with jruby and need program in java too, the problem is I don't know how begin a project...when do I try begin a simple java project appear "please select JSDK to be set for this module", I didn't found any valid file in any folder inside "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-"...I try each folder and It wasn't valid....what must I do?..thanks...

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Hi Adrian,

You should to do the following:

  1. Download jdk installer;
  2. Execute it - directory with jdk files is created at the same directory where the isntaller remains;
  3. Configure that jdk directory for IDEA;

Regards, Denis

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Hi Denis...thanks for the reply
..I don't know what happen yesterday than when I  select my java folder the Ide no found my jsdk (I has installed it when I installed rubymine)..today when I try It run perfectly....thanks again for the reply


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