Command line option with .idea and v9.0.3

I used command line option to start IDEA with specified project. For example:
   <IDEA-HOME>\bin\idea.exe c:\projects\ABC

This allowed me to start two (or more) IDEA instances with different projects. Unfortunately this technique is not working anymore. I changed my projects to .idea style and upgraded to v9.0.3.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Execute command <IDEA-HOME>\bin\idea.exe c:\projects\ABC
The IDEA opens project ABC.
2. Execute command <IDEA-HOME>\bin\idea.exe c:\projects\XYZ
Expected behavior:
New IDEA instance with XYZ project is created (ABC project is still available in another frame)
Observed behavior:
Focus is passed to IDEA with ABC project, the project XYZ is not open.

How to open two or more instances of IDEA with different projects?

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