Duplicated JDK classes

The new auto import feature is a long wanted favourite of mine.
However currently it is of limited use, because Idea finds every class of the JDK twice.
So if I type "JFrame" there still is an import popup:
"javax.swing.JFrame? (multiple choices...) Alt+Enter"
If I hit Alt-Enter it shows

This is with a brand new project - I just clicked on next/finish on each step in the new project wizard.

I have only one JDK configured (1.4.2_05). The only change I did was to set the name to "1.4". (Was something like "Java version 1.4.2_05" before. We agreed to use "1.4" company wide, so that each developer can use her own JDK and still share the project files.)

Anybody else seeing this?

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