How do I open the converted project in Eclipse?

Okay, I chose "Export to Eclipse..." from the file menu, and I now have some files that look like Eclipse files, but Eclipse won't open them. For the eclipse workspace, I specify the directory that has my project file, but Eclipse doesn't see any of my source. Does anybody know what I can do? My customer requires I deliver the source code as an Eclipse project (not my idea), but I'm stumped.

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Hello Miguel,

There is an action in eclipse to import projects to the workspace. Did you do that?

Thank you

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Thank you. A few days after I posted my question, somebody at work showed me the import command, which worked fine.

This information would be useful in the IntelliJ help file. It's not enough to say IntelliJ will export projects if Eclipse doesn't immediately understand how to open them. It's not safe to assume the developer is familiar with Eclipse. I only use Eclipse because the customer requires me to deliver an Eclipse project.

-- Miguel


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