Creating JBoss Sar Modules in J2EE Projects

I am a long time user of IDEA, but I am a novice at using IDEA for j2ee. I have worked out creating a j2ee project, and have gotten servlets to work fine. I am using JBoss and want to create a module that will create a ".sar" file, one that will have the correct META-INF and descriptors. How is that done? I only see EJB and WEB modules available.

Thanks - Eric


Hi Eric,

There's no dedicated module type for sar modules, but you can use an EJB module for it. Just name the file to be created *.sar, and add any needed deployment descriptors manually. (The automatically generated/added deployment descriptors will be ignored by JBoss.)

- Martin


That is great. Thanks. Do you have any plans for adding a sar module? Or maybe for allowing some type of templating, where we can design our own module (create template xml files to go in the META-INF, etc)?


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