IntelliJ 9.0 CE deleted all my files when a module was removed


I'm in a bit of a pickle here.  IntelliJ 9.0 CE (original release) deleted all my files removed my module from my project.  Google seems to suggest that I use local history to retrieve the deleted file, but I can't do that when the module is no longer there.  Is there a way I can restore everything from the local history or manually extract my file from the local history (the local history files for my project are still there)?

Specifically, my file was a JSP.

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It is quite unusual situation; can you describe the circumstances under which the files were deleted?

As for the local history: it is associated with project name and project file's path; so try creating a new empty project with the same name as the old one and copy it so the path would be exactly the same as the old one's.
This way you'll be able to see the history for the project.


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