Bug in editor appearance with Javadoc


I've a problem with the apperance of my editor. The javadoc edition is completely buggy since I switched to Ubuntu 10.04.

The javadocs tags like @return, @param, ... are awful and too big.

But there is more, the cursor cannot go to the end of line. The cursor is apparently 3-4 characters before the end of the line, but when I write the characters are added to the end of line. I seems that the font for the editor appearance is not the same as the font used to manage the cursor.

But all is good in code, the problem only occurs in Javadoc parts.

I cannot post a screenshot because the cursor disappears when i take a screenshot. But you can see the style of the javadoc tag.


Does someone knows how to solve that issue ?

Thanks a lot

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That's weird, on my laptop, with the same OS (Ubuntu 10.04), I don't have the problem

I will verify the versions of Idea.

An other thing to note is that the bug is only on method javadoc, not type javadoc.

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I finally found a solution. I had to change the font of the editor to solve the problem.

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I did that too with the latest ubuntu and ij.
Liberation Mono seams nice.

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Works fine! Thank you. I had a problem with IDEA's editor in Ubuntu 10.4 64 bit with default monospaced font. Switching to DejaVu Sans Mono solved the problem (and it seemed that this font is very similar to default).


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