Why the _App.swf?

Why does the Flex compiler in IDEA sometimes create a _App.swf file?  What is the purpose of this file?  What is it's relationship to App.swf?

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Flex run configuration has few options about what to run. And it has 'Make before launch' option. When you select to run SWF or HTML wrapper or URL, then the compilation is performed according to your Flex Compiler Settings (or Flex facet settings) configured at Project Structure dialog. You are responsible to select correct SWF/HTML/URL so that it runs exactly what is being compiled.

But if you choose Main class to run then the compilation is performed in a bit different way. IDEA takes your compilation parameters and substitutes main class and output file name. And the underscore sign is a mark that this is NOT the SWF compiled according to your compilation settings.

When run configuration is created automatically (Run/Debug option from right-click menu or Ctrl+Shift+F10) then is main-class-based run configuration. That's why you see _App.swf


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