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I've recently switched from CVS to SVN for source control. Using CVS, IntelliJ would let me browse the changes in repository by branch (changes view, filter by branch), which is extremely useful when trying to figure out what changes have been made.

However, i no longer see this option using SVN. Does this feature still exist somewhere?

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one thing to note is that when working with a project source, you usually reside within a single branch, therefore Version Control -> Subversion -> Browse Changes… doesn't show you the changes in other branches.

If you wish to browse the changes of some arbitrary branch, you go to Version Control -> Browse Subversion Repository, choose the repository ( e.g. http://source_server/repo ), expand it and find the proper tree node representing the branch you're looking for. Conventionally, branches are under the /branches folder, expand it and select the branch you're interested in, right click and choose 'Browse Changes…'. The rest is self-explanatory.


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