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I'm testing the AS3/Flex Support for Intellij IDEA. In my AS3 Project Setup I normally use an additional compiler argument that loads the Mainclass in a "second" frame:

-frame two com.sampledomain.sampleproject.MainClass

This is a quite common setting, if you want to easily install a preload mechanism to your app. This option works fine with all the other IDE's I've been working so far: FlashBuilder, FDT, etc.

With Intellij I'm getting this error, when trying to compile:

ambiguous argument list; unable to determine where 'frames.frame' parameters end, and default 'file-specs' parameters begin.  Use '--' to terminate the parameter list, or perhaps use the '-frames.frame=val[,val]+' syntax instead.

I tried a lot to fix this but did not succeed.

The complete argument list (produced by Intellij at least) looks like:

mxmlc -load-config+=test_temp_flex_main_class_config.xml -locale en_US -frame two com.sampledomain.sampleproject.MainClass

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Error message contains the answer: write your additional compiler options in the following form:

-locale=en_US -frame=two,com.sampledomain.sampleproject.MainClass

By the way, you'd better remove locale settings from Additional compiler options and configure it at Advanced tab, Non-default locale settings. In this case IDEA will use {locale} token in source paths configuration where needed.

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Thanks for the tipps, that worked.


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