How do you create an Android Test Project in IntelliJ?

Has anyone created an Android unit test project or module in IntelliJ? I have found the ability to create a run/debug configuration for an Android Test, but this doesn't seem to follow the process outlined on the Android developer site: I don't think that's the correct way to create an Android unit test project.

In addition, when I try to follow the command line instructions from the above Android page on my IntelliJ project, I get the following error:

$ android create test-project -m ../HelloWorld -n HelloAndroidTest -p .
Found main project package: com.example.helloandroid
Found main project activity: .HelloAndroid
Error: Unable to load the main project's

Sure enough, when I look for the on my IntelliJ created HelloWorld application, it doesn't exist. I don't see any documentation on how to create that file through IntelliJ either. According to Android, it should be there when you create your project:

If someone has come across this same problem and has a solution or a link to documentation that I'm missing, I'd really appreciate it.


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