Problems regarding Subversion

Hello guys.

I have few problem I'd like to share with you regarding Subversion within IntelliJ IDEA.

1) How do you Unshare once shared project?
2) How to switch URL of the module? When I try VCS->Subversion->Relocate it throws "Error relocating working copy: svn: Relocate can only change the repository part of an URL"
3) Can I share only 1 module withing a project instead of whole project?

Please, drop a few words if you know solution for any of my problems, thanks!

Irina Chernushina
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1. What do you mean?
2. Go to Project View, select module, in context menu: Subversion -> Update directory, in a dialog that would appear, use "Update/switch to specific url" checkbox and specify url to switch to
(did you mean switch (branch?) or relocate (because server url changed?)?
3. Yes, similiar to 2, for unversioned directory you will have in context menu Subversion -> Share directory

In IDEA, when you "share" directory or the whole project, it will ask for repository location where you want to put data,
and after that, it will create a new folder in the repository, do a checkout from it into your local directory with depth=empty, and add all the contents under local directory into the version control,
but you will have to commit it after that

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ad 1) I mean how can I unshare project? Imagine you have a project/directory shared with SVN. You don't want to share it anymore. How do you do that?
ad 2) I want to relocate to another directory on the server

Thanks for your answers!

Irina Chernushina
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1) As far as I understand, sharing a project means that your local project is imported into [server] repository.
Local project becomes a copy of repository project, and can be managed by Subversion client(s) in order to synch/commit from/into repository.

Once local folder is shared, it is made tracked by Subversion, so you will have .svn administrative directories in each directory etc.
You can just ignore being under Subversion, you can somehow remove these directories.
Or you can do just export from Subversion repository into a new place.

2) first it must be relocated on (or between) server. after that, you should relocate your working copy

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ad 3) I was looking for a solution when a project is not shared yet and I want to share only 1 directory. I found it:
VCS->Enable VCS Integration, choose Subversion
And then just share a directory you want to.


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