Importing pure styles flex project


I am trying to import a pure styles (flex builder) project to IntelliJ. The project has a couple of css and few skin (images). The import works fine, but when I try to build the module. I get following error "nothing was specified to be included in the library".

Please let me know how can I compile a project with css files and images only. Is there a way to specify assets?


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IDEA 10 will have an option to compile CSS files (
In IDEA 9.x importing project from Flash Builder works correctly only when you compile MXML and ActionScript code. But you can proceed with compilation in IDEA if you perform 2 steps:
- in Flash Builder project settings add Additional compiler option: -dump-config my_config_file.xml and compile project
- in IDEA Flex facet settings (File | Project Structure | Modules | <imported module> | Flex facet) check 'Use custom compiler configuration file' option and specify full path to this my_config_file.xml file.

By the way could you please attach your Flash Builder project files (.project, .actionScriptProperties and other .xxx files if any) and this my_config_file.xml here? It will help us to improve import from Flash Builder into IDEA. (If you don't want to make your project files visible to all you may open an issue and attach these files to the issue as 'visible to idea-developers':

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Thanks, will try the approach and upload a sample project.


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