Develop J2ME App in IntelliJ --enable debug

One question about developing J2ME in IntelliJ is that we cann't debug app. I have write an article about integrating Antenna with Ant to develop J2ME app in IntelliJ. The following is my steps.
1 download antenna,and add antenna's tasks to org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/ in %IDEA_HOME%/lib/ant/ant.jar file,finally copy antenna-bin-0.9.12.jar to %IDEA_HOME%/lib/ant.
2 install WTK 2.1
3 start IntelliJ,and open the j2me project(attachment).
4 change the path of WTK_HOME in build.xml
5 run target of j2me_debug
6 start debug.

My English is not good,and I have write this article in Chinese,and you can find it on

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Hi chenlibing, it sounds very good. I have problem with upacking attached file ( It does not looks like a zip archive...Can you help me how to get the content of this file? Thank you.

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I am very sorry. I don't know why zip file is not all right after I upload to the forum. If you like the demo,pls download as follow:,and this is the Chinese website.


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