Action Script Sample Application (Hello World)

Was just trying the flex abilities of Intellij. Created a new project and a sample application (pure action script). The resulting code looks good and compiles and runs. However in the editor I have no code completion and it marks the Sprite.. TextField and addChild as unresolved symbols. Just upgraded from 9.0.2 to 9.0.3. using flex sdk 4. Is there a seperate plugin for flex in the editor?

Any ideas?



Since you're compiling OK, I have to assume the "Flex Support" plug-in is enabled and you have a Flex SDK defined. (Assuming you are running the Ultimate Edition, the Flex Support plug-in is bundled in. No need to download it.) But you can double check that it is enabled and was turned off at some point such as during the initial install. You can check to make sure that it is enabled in File > Settings > Plug-Ins  (FYI, disabled plug-ins  show at the bottom of the plug-in list).

If you just upgraded from 9.0.2 to 9.0.3 you may want to invalidate your caches (File > Invalidate Caches ... then restart IDEA). There was a change along the way to the Flex support that caused old indexes/caches to not work for some people. That resulted in most of the core Flex code to show as errors, and would break code completion. Error highlighting and code completion depend on the indexes created in the IDEA cache. After invalidating the caches and restarting, IDEA will need to re-index your project at startup.

Let us know if that works. If not, we can continue to try and determine the cause.


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately invalidating the cache did not work either.
I am using the ultimate edition and the flex plugin is enabled. I am using flex sdk 4.0.0 on windows.

Just realised a strange thing. It seems to recognize the imports flash. and flash.text (see screenshot). Is there a missing dependency that I should put in?


Hello again,
Just downloaded and configured flex sdk to 4.1.0 and it seems to be working alright now!

Thanks for the help.


Everything should be ok with Flex SDK of any version. So if you want to go back and work with Flex SDK 4.0.0 please make sure that its installation is not corrupted and try to delete and create again respective SDK at IDEA Project Structure | SDKs.


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