Local variables debug info not available for my own code

I run on Linux with openjdk-6 (6b18-1.8-4ubuntu3) using maven and tomcat. Intellij 2.0.3

My compiler settings has "generate debug info" ticked.

But no matter what I do, I cannot get Local varialbes debug info in my debugger. There are the local variables defined in the debugger for my own code.

1. Should I set something in maven to make sure that debug info is included when it compiles my project?
2. Could this be a JDK issue?
3. My tomcat config has the following options selected in before launch: Make; Build webapp.war:war artifact; Run Maven Goal 'webapp:compile'
4. What is the recommended workflow for app deployment in tomcat? Should I 'make' the app (doesn't maven already do this with compile)? I find that my cxf code does not get generated on deployment unless I run maven compile by hand first. Sometimes I find code changes does not get detected unless I select 'build artifact'.

Any ideas where I can look to try and resolve this?


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