Where is "PHP Home"

When trying to run the JUNIT tests I created for a project, IDEA 9.0.3 asks me where PHP Home is on my Mac.

Huh? I have no idea.

I can run the tests individually, but of course I need to run the entire test suite -- that is, all tests at once.

I didn't find reference material on how to set up PHP Home.

Could someone give me a suggestion on how to complete this basic setup so I can run all the JUnit tests at once?


-- M

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Found the solution. (/usr/bin/php).

Also, I found that to run all the tests, I need to right-click at the package level and select run all tests.

"Knowing where you need to click to get the right menu options" wasn't totally clear, but ... once you do ... the test scrips seem to work.


-- M


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