Remote Debugging stepping through not working well

On 9.0.2.

Not sure this is a bug or something I've not configured properly so I wanted to run it by the community first.
I've got Tomcat running some code that's in a Module in my Project. I'm able to remotely debug it and have it break at my points (see what I did there?). The problem is that I cannot step from that point. Pressing step over takes me to the next breakpoint. I can run to cursor, but this isn't very efficient as I hate mice and all.

Do I have something improperly configured or should I open a Jira case?


Over time I have seen all kind of weird stuff when debugging remote code and the compiled code was not the same as my source code. Also more than once I have been forced to remove the work directory of tomcat before deploy, so if possible I would try that too. Just an idea...


Nah. My sources are in sync with the compiled version running on the server. I know this because the particular library I'm in hasn't changed in a year and run to cursor or adding a breakpoint at every line works as expected.

One more thing to note, I'm also seeing it lose the source reference in debugging. What I mean is attaching sources to the current debuging session isn't working reliably. Only half the classes in my stack traces are linked where they should.


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