Can't select WebServices, even though plugin is enabled

New project wizard, from scratch.
name the project
include src directory
The next part of the wizard asks me to select what technologies to use.
In the subtree under Web Application I see only Struts and JSF
and I don't see Web Services Client beneath Web Application

The reason I know those options should be there, is that I just went through this process to create a new project using those settings, and it downloaded all the missing JAR files and whatnot.  I got the (I guess) dreaded "SOAP-ENC:Array" error regarding namespaces.  From googling, I was led to understand that maybe I had selected the wrong type of WS. I had selected JAX-WS, but maybe I should have used RPC?   So I then shutdown IJ,  deleted the project folder, restarted, and the proceeded to make a new (second) project, intending to re-select the web services technologies, but to use a different sub-selection.  But they've disappeared and won't come back. I've disabled and re-enabled the plugin in the settings.

I don't get it... what did I break??

(IntelliJ 9.0.2   IU 95.66)

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