Intellij has become extremely slow. Version 9.02


I have been using Intellij at work for nearly 3 months now, and started a new project 3 weeks ago and was working fine, and Intellij was fast and rapid for those 3 weeks as well.

But today Intellij has started to become extremely slow. Every 10 seconds it just freezes and comes back on.
What could be the reason for this?

I haven't really changed much on the project. I have restarted my computer but it's still there. I have 1024 dedicated to Intellij.

I did copy it over to a usb, worked on the project at home and moved the old directories and copied over the new version from usb today.

I've tried to turn down autocompletion and all those things, but it's still going on!

Ubuntu 9.10, Grails, Groovy, JavaScript, CSS is what I am mostly coding in.

What can I do to make intellij rapid again ?

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You might want to take a look at this YouTrack issue -- -- which deals with IDEA freezing periodically.It is something JetBrains is working on, but is having some difficulty isolating. There are some suggestions in the comments that have helped some people. You might want to try using the latest EAP build (9.0.3 Release Candidate 5 (build 95.413)). There was a fix put into one of the v9.0.3 EAP build a while back that resolved the issue for me. (Unfortunately, it did not resolve it for everyone).


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