"Open in Browser" Command Missing from IntelliJ menu?

Hi,  I have been using IntelliJ 9.0.1 on a MAC running OSX 10.6 for the past few weeks, and a colleague is using IntelliJ 9.0.2 on the same platform.  Their editor pop-up menu and View menus both contain a command "open in browser" for HTML files.  I have verified that Firefox is set as my only, default, and active browser in File -> Settings -> Web Browsers, and I have examined all of the possible commands that can be added into menus via the File -> Settings -> Menus and Toolbars UI.  I have upgraded to 9.0.2, and still there is no "open in browser" command.  Can anyone shed some light on what is missing from my installation / configuration?  Thanks.

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Look in the Tools menu, Task sub-menu. You should find "Open in Browser" there with ALT+SHIFT-B as the keyboard shortcut.

Randall Schulz


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