What are "Roots Switches" in the Changes view?

I've never noticed them before today, and now in the Changes tab of all my projects, I have a "Roots Switches" item.

What is this?  A couple days ago there was an 'incident' with my $userdir/.cvspass  file.  Basically, it got wiped through no fault of intellij.  When I first went to do something cvs-ish, it prompted for the password and upon entering  things were back to normal.  Except now I'm seeing these "Roots Switches".   the cvspass file might be a red herring, but it's all I can think of that has changed, and it's very close in time.

Perhaps I'm just blind and I've never noticed it before in several years of using IntelliJ.

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I suppose it's this?   http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-27603.  I'm using Build #IU-95.66 , I guess I just never noticed it until now.  

On a somewhat related note, are there no release notes for 9.0.2 ?  I was looking for them, to see if anything was mentioned about this "Roots Switches" feature, but they're not here: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/release_notes901.html (menu at right).


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