CVS when not connected to network

the project I'm working on uses CVS
and I'm regularily working disconnected to the CVS server.

When I e.g. delete a java source I get prompted "delete from CVS" - I say no (as I know I'm not connected)

but IDEA is searching for the CVS server nevertheless,
letting me wait until it either finds out "not available",
or says "timeout". in the latter case I get prompted to fill in my CVS password (?!)

I think IDEA searches for CVS server because it performs
"analyzing changes".

Why analyzing changes because of deleting a file?

Anyway, this is not a too big problem, but I wanted to
let you know, nevertheless ;)
Is there some kind of workaround? Should I
disable CVS-support each time I'm disconnected? Or would
this mess up the CVS status within IDEA?
Or does it get messed up instead by keeping CVS support on, although I'm disconnected?


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