Compile Flex CSS Files

I'm using idea-IU-95.214 and I can't figure out how to get it to compile a Flex CSS file.  With Flex you can compile a CSS file into a SWF file for runtime loading.  I've tried to create a new Flex Facet in my Module and set the Main class to the css file but that didn't work.  Any ideas?

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The only way currently is to use custom flex compiler configuration file.
Will be improved soon:

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It is awesome that exists - do you know when the version for EAP that this affects will be released?

Do you think it will be in Release 9.0.3?

I just found some client code that won't compile in intellij without this feature which is a bit problematic as I am not sure how to work around it.


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I'm afraid not in 9.0.3, but IDEA 10 EAPs will start shortly.
As a workaround you may create custom_config.xml file like this:

<flex-config xmlns="">

and in Flex facet settings check 'Use custom compiler configuration file'.
<output> tag can be omitted - default output swf file name is equal to css file name (only extension is changed)
Paths are either absolute or relative to project root.


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