IntelliJ == Drool

JSP 2.0, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript. The only thing that would be better
would be a GUI for JSF support.


What if there are no graphic artists? When we have a new prototype, I
get to code the application (even if it is mock-ups). I would rather be
able to quickly DnD some code to make the forms/screens. Then if the
project proceeds to the next step, I can easily add more code to the

If not, I'm developing these mock-ups with IntelliJ by coding HTML, etc.
by hand. In the end JSF will make my life easier when I create views,
rather they be for a funded project or just a quick prototype.

Take a look at the JBuilder demo. Their I/F is clunky, but it does
work. The VF I/F is VERY sweet, but they are will not commit to JSF

Shiny toys are pretty, but sometimes they do help.

Patrik Andersson wrote:

>I think you misinterpreted me. My point is that graphics artists create views as photoshop .psd files and might generate html files from them. Tops. I - being a/the java developer - write the jsp pages and use taglibs as I see fit. And that's also the reason (I know, my point is already across, this is getting old) that, imho, makes JSF dumb.
>That type of user interface tool is good for making money as a tool vendor since such tools tend to look very good from a manager perspective. They're going to want to spend money on shiny toys that look like time-savers.
>Personally I know webb-app development now. I don't need more tools for that particular part of creating applications. There's got to be an end to this search for the silver web-app creating bullet. It's a non-trivial problem domain.
>I really like how IDEA isn't following that usual Supports Product Y train. You get products that support a zillion other products, but they aren't really usable anyway because the editor or some other totally central feature blows. IDEA helps me in every place (I can think of) I need to do what I need my way! If I wanted shoddy wizards that do half the work in a flashy animated way I'd create them myself.
>I'm not arguing against having lots of tool support, but I don't want time wasted adding "dumb" support for a zillion tools. "Painting" web-apps is.. dumb, just like "painting" whole desktop apps is dumb.
>All that rantage aside, I do want intelligent code sense features for CSS, Javascript, etc, I've wanted that for a long time. Those are useful features that help in the task that javadevelopers do anyway. No new new bullshit revolutionary best-thing-since-sliced-bread draw-your-pages JSF.



I chatted with Eugene Belyaev, the CTO, and he told me that Idea 5 will be developed with Perforce.



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