Copy/Paste action not working

Has anybody else seen this? I cannot get the Paste command
to work no matter what key/menu/toolbar combination is
I've enabled debugging for IDEA and I can see that the
command is intercepted by the ActionManagerImpl but no
text is pasted into the active editor window.
Further, I know that the copy command was executed and
the text copied to the undo buffer - it is shown in the
log, as well as the multiple paste stack window.

However when I use the multiple paste window to paste the
first paste fragment, I can issue the paste command again
(Ctrl-V) and the fragment is pasted as you'd expect.

Very frustrating!

Started for me in build 2206, but I no longer have
previous builds so I don't know whether the same problem
existed earlier.

My setup is a fresh WindowsXP installation and
IDEA build 2218 (I installed 2206 using the installer and
following eap version by unzipping the package).

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Is anyone in JB monitoring this? The tracker request has
also not been addressed.
While I realise this is not happening for other people,

I can reproduce it and it is a definite problem. Other
applications on Windows do not have any problem cutting
or copying and then pasting.

When I try to paste the copied text into another text
editor, I get an error stating that the clipboard format
is not supported.


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