Idea 9.x cannot create directory automatically when checking-in files into VSS 2005

step 1. create direcotoy in IDEA,
step 2. create files in this directory.
step 3. check-in files.

then look into VSS, the directory has not created, and the files has checked-in in another dicrtory.

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Sorry, I wasn't able to reproduce this bug. Could you please provide idea.log file illustrating the problem? Thanks in advance.

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for example,

I created a new package named "manager" in an existing package 'action' , and created a new file 'AgetManagerTest' in this package,

then I selected "Checkin Directory", IDEA threw out an error:

File or project "$/03_Code/SERA1.1/SMP_NF/APP/test/server/aget/src/com/aspire/sera/app/aget/action/manager" does not exist.

then I looked into VSS, the new file '' has been added in this directory "$/03_Code/SERA1.1/SMP_NF/APP/test/server/aget/src/com/aspire/sera/app/aget/action/"

Attached is the part of idea.log

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unfortunately, I cannot understand the problem from the attached log - according to it, all vss-related operations are ok. And i don't see any errors in log...
Does this error occur for all folders you are trying to add? Do you have some non-default vss options set?


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