IDEA 2214: Web Module Libraries Error in 'Make Project'


Get an error while rebuilding my web-project in #2214.

Directory structure:
SourceCode (as Source Code)
WebContent (as Web Resource)
WebContent\WEB-INF\web.xml (as Deployment Descriptor)
WebContent\WEB-INF\lib\*.jar (as Libraries)
exploded (as J2EE Exploded Directory)

All of my libraries are moved to

But a part of my libraries get additionally a make error...
Error: Error copying 'WebContent\WEB-INF\lib\struts.jar' to 'exploded\WEB-INF\classes'. Destination is a directory.

Is this effective an error or is it a protective mechanism?


Andreas Bachmann

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the error is bad, but you're also pointing to WEB-INF/classes and not WEB-INF/lib

This used to be a bug which was fixed a while back, interesting that you need it again now.



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