Hey, recent builds started flickering again on my machine...

Every couple of minutes, the whole JI window goes to gray and back for
around .05 second.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

build 2210
WindowsXP Pro
Dual screen setup (JI occupies 1 screen)


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I don't have that..... but

I get tool windows that compete for focus. ALL of my tool windows are floating. And all my tool windows are spread out to my 2 monitors.

The usual situation when this happens is when say I start debugging and the debug window opens covering some other tool window.

Then the two windows seem to both want to be on top and keep on replacing each other.

I usually have to join into the focus fight and start clicking on other tool windows or outside the IDEA for the to miss-behaving windows to calm down.

I have always had this... and use to think this was due to multiple screen positioning or something like that. But now that I see that so many are having strange flickering/focus problems I am posting this.

Florian Hehlen

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you don't need 2 screens for this. i just submitted it last week:



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