I can't choose inconsolata font for idea editor font

I've installed ttf-inconsolata in ubuntu jounty but i can't  choose this font in idea editor->color & fonts->font.
I see this font in ubuntu font and I can use it other application.
What have i do to see this font in idea settings?

Ubuntu jounty
IDEA 8.1

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i'm having the same problem on Ubuntu Karmic (64-bit) and jdk1.6.0_18 (64-bit) and IDEA 9.0.1, with both Inconsolata and Monaco.

Other fonts in the system show up (though it appears that not all of them) in the font-seletion list, but these that i've installed myself do not.

Copying the font files into jre/lib/fonts and restarting IDEA made no difference.

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I am having the same problem as the person above (same OS, same all). I really like phpstorm and the only thing that stops me from buying is this.

Are there any solutions about this matter?

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After a quick discussion with one of the developers, the solution is this:

Make sure you restart phpStorm after you complete the above steps.


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thanks for the extra info!

Unfortunately, the link you provided is for OpenJDK only, which i avoid like the plague. Here's a link to the same fontconfig info for the Sun/Oracle JDK:


Update: In IDEA, Inconsolata looks really bad at any size below 10 points - i suspect something related to the warnings in FontForge.

Kind regards,

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