Critical problem with merging of CVS branches

I just noticed a critical bug in the way IDEA handles CVS updates when Merge with branch has been selected. It basically seems that IDEA doesn't support that functionality if a conflict is generated by the update. First of all, IDEA doesn't detect that there has been a conflict. And secondly, IDEA's internal Merge tool doesn't support fixing that conflict.

The interesting thing is that this problem seems to be both in 4.0 and 4.5 EAPs. To me, this is a very critical issue because it basically renders IDEA useless when used with CVS and branches. I'm just curious how this bug has not come up before - is there something wrong with my configuration or can it really be that nobody is using branches with CVS?

A more detailed description of the bug is available here:

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Now that I was looking at the Tracker, I noticed that there ARE many people who have reported this same issue. E.g. here

This report was two and half months ago. And still IntelliJ people have not done anything about it. But if you think two and half months is a long time, take a look a this:

Same issue - SIX months ago! Marked as critical, but not planned for any version. I have to say I'm stunned that IntelliJ has done nothing for this issue even though it has been known for such a long time.

Is this issue ever going to be fixed?

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